Are you looking for a partner for short-term projects as an outsourcing service?

Internal Audit

Whether you are looking to add temporary staffing to support your existing Internal Audit function or contract for specific Internal Audit projects, XCOMPLIANCE can provide customized solutions to any of your audit needs.

SOX and Regulatory Compliance

If you are looking to satisfy your SOX and Regulatory compliance requirements in a predictable and cost effective manner then we have solutions that will meet your needs.

Independent controls and systems process monitoring

xCompliance offers a broad range of full scope Governance, Risk and Compliance Consulting Services. We approach GRC from an enterprise wide view as we offer solutions across all disciplines of the business including Finance, Supply Chain, Operations and Information Technology.

Supply Chain Risks

XCOMPLIANCE’s Supply Chain Risk Analysis can help identify potential risks and propose system controls integrated into your business process that will remediate these risks.

Security and Privacy Assessments

Includes the evaluation of the organizational threats and vulnerabilities originating from both internal and external sources.

Critical Access Management

A key strategy for xCompliance GRC practice is to offer our clients robust and proven solutions for managing ERP authorization controls over critical business transactions and data.

Data Governance / Master Data Management

Determining the proper use, protection, definition and access to Data is one of the building blocks in which corporate governance depends on for success and is essential to our GRC practice.

IFRS Transition

From xComopliance’s perspective, GRC depends on strict adherence to accounting standards as the framework in which transparency in financial reporting takes place.

Compliance Project Risk Analysis

Are you facing mission critical, time sensitive and budget constrained Compliance related projects that can make or break your Audit result?

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xCompliance offers an expert platform for large and medium sized organizations for comprehensive compliance needs. Our certified compliance Experts resolve alone or in interdisciplinary ad hoc teams all sizes projects with any complexity due to the digital network, allowing our customers to profit from the “direct, skilled and specialized” workforce. Our modular concept allows to get the entire solution or the missing parts of a continuous, effective and efficient corporate compliance.

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