SOX and Regulatory Compliance

If you are looking to satisfy your SOX and Regulatory compliance requirements in a predictable and cost effective manner then we have solutions that will meet your needs. We have the expertise to get you through any compliance requirement you have including:

SOX, 8. EU Directive, CFR21 Part 11, MaRisk, BaIT, BASEL II+III for example. Our expertise has grown over the last few years and with our AuditProof™ methodology, we can ensure your compliance goals are completely satisfied. We can structure our services and fees to meet any or all your SOX requirements at a predictable cost to your organization.

With our Compliance implementation methodology Auditproof we support any type of SAP implementations, roll outs and migrations and we provide excellent leadership and management of milestones and resources requirements throughout the Compliance projects.

Our digital workspace allows environmentally friendly support from one to several consultants, interdisciplinary, efficient and effective.

Compliance with the financial statement reporting requirements international and the implementation of an according overall control environment.

We assist you assessing your risk and key-controls and we support the creation of necessary documentation of identified processes and control activities that fall within your scope, and the identified key controls. In selecting the key controls, you determine the scope of key controls, the processes and activities to be covered, as well as the internal controls of the financial reporting (annual financial statements relevant) and the operational or IT. Compliance activities.

Periodically, depending on the criticality of the system and applications, controls need to be tested for effectivity. The Test results are designed, executed and documented in line with audit requirements.

Implementing the right IT controls requires expert skills. Although many companies have an Internal Audit capability, many lack the skills in-house to effectively implement these controls in the complex System and Application environment. In addition they often lack the time to document and test IT controls. Especially the periodic recertification (review) of the effectiveness of controls is a time consuming task. xCompliance comes with the entire workforce of  interdisciplinary (technical /functional /legal and regulatory) skills required to work with Systems and Applications, People and Processes.

In case of Audit Findings, the fixing of process, control design and operating effectiveness gaps requires most of the time changing existing processes and the implementation of compliance tools to update outdated technologies. 

The challenge is to gain the acceptance for the change within the organization. Our Compliance Experts have the skills to work with the IT and Functional in-house teams to present the latest compliance automation and GRC Tools to consider. In interdisciplinary teams of auditors, technical Compliance Tool Experts we can help your organization to implement the best fitting compliance tool modernize
your compliance environment: 

  • cross system
  • cross application
  • cross country

Today, many companies rely on manual, detective controls that are costly to operate and test and are prone to error. We can help you replace those controls with automated controls that are more reliable and cost-effective. We have the expertise to help you get the most from your existing ERP systems by utilizing functionality already embedded within them or creating automation with the implementation of the state of the art GRC Tools.

We support your teams.