Supply Chain Risks

Governance Risk & Compliance requirements have expanded their scope beyond compliant financial reporting, today international legal and regulatory requirements rule successful business operations. Supply chain is in focus for risk- and control management. Our Experts review and highlight potential Gap's for management attention. Critical actions are controlled, and risks are remediated and periodic reassessments of risk and control environment in the supply chain are implemented

We deliver solutions for effective policies and procedures for local tax and trade laws xCompliance’’s Supply Chain Risk Analysis can help identify potential risks and propose system controls integrated into your business
process that will remediate these risks.

  • Global Supply Chain interruption due to component volatility
  • Natural Disasters or geo-political events
  • Accurate Inventory Valuations/SOX Compliance
  • Outsourced partner compliance
  • Brand Image/ Intellectual property protection.
  • Strategic and execution risks, such as hitting a launch window for a short lifecycle product.
  • Meet regulatory requirements and manage the complexities of global trade – Use standardized, enterprise-wide trade compliance processes in supply chain, human resource, and financial processes for proactive trade management.
  • Expedite the importing and exporting of goods through customs – Leverage improved transparency throughout the supply chain to share cross-border trade information with partners, such as freight forwarders, brokers, insurance agencies, banks, and regulatory entities.
  • Mitigate financial risk and maximize profit with best utilization of international trade agreements – Avoid supply chain bottlenecks, production downtime, and errors that can result in costly penalties with comprehensive letter of credit management, preferential product treatment using trade agreements, and comprehensive analytics based on daily business data.

Meet the global trade regulations .... Minimize supply interruptions